Linguistics and New Testament Greek: Key Issues in the Current Debate

This book contains a collection of eleven essays that were presented at a conference called Linguistics and New Testament Greek: Key Issues in the Current Debate, on April 26-27, 2019, hosted at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  All of the eleven papers presented at the conference are provided in this book, although in a slightly revised order.  Black prefaces the eleven chapters by pointing to the progress that has been made in nine areas, which he has mentioned before, and published these concerns earlier (seven in 1991 and nine in 2001).  Merkle follows the eleven chapters by synthesizing three of the main issues in the postscript: linguistic schools, verbal aspect, and pedagogy. 

The essays within this book do not solve any of the issues raised, but instead explain the issues along with their limitations and boundaries. These essays range from evaluating various schools of linguistics, to presenting the debates on verbal aspect, Perfect tenses, middle voice and discourse analysis, to the best way to approach teaching Greek, selecting pronunciation, and selecting a first-year grammar, to the use of digital tools. Also a section dealing with the best way to apply linguistic material to exegesis is included.

This book represents a current review of the field in how linguistics is applied to the study of the New Testament.

Author: James E. Sedlacek

I have an avid interest in teaching the languages used in the sacred literature texts, explaining the background for each piece of literature and structuring a method to interpret the literature. The goal is that an interpretation is based upon a thorough analysis of the language, text and background for the text.

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