Revisiting Aspect and Aktionsart

screen-shot-12-04-16-at-08-34-pmIn the latest volume published by Brill in the Linguistic Biblical Studies series, Pang conducts a corpus study regarding Greek aspect and Aktionsart.  He provides an extensive overview of definitions and recent methods.  Several recent scholars have thought that certain contextual factors could reliably point to a particular Aktionsart when used in conjunction with the verbal aspect of the tense-form and the lexical item, but Pang shows that no reliable relationship exists between verbal aspect and Aktionsart, and concludes that Aktionsart is an effect of the interpretive process.

Author: James E. Sedlacek

I have an avid interest in teaching the languages used in the sacred literature texts, explaining the background for each piece of literature and structuring a method to interpret the literature. The goal is that an interpretation is based upon a thorough analysis of the language, text and background for the text.

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